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The Long-Drive Bible: How You Can Hit the Ball Longer, Straighter, and More Consistently

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Bring out the Beast in your golf game!

When John Daly, winner of the 1991 PGA Championship and an eleven-time PGA Tour leader in driving distance, started playing golf with his old friend Sean Fister, he was always able to drive the ball farther than Fister could. Not anymore. After years of practice, Fister has gone on to win numerous World Long Drive Championships and hold the record for the longest carry in the world finals at a whopping 393 yards.

Now Fister has taken all the winning tips and techniques he has learned over the years and organized them in this book so that you too can drive better and more consistently. With Fister’s Ten Commandments of Distance, you’ll learn proven secrets to increase the power and accuracy of your drive, including:

  • Anti-slice tips
  • How high to set your tee
  • The best launch angle
  • Exercise routines to strengthen your swing
  • How to find the best shaft-clubhead combination
  • Practice drills and techniques
  • And more
Format: Hardcover