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The Pleasure Prescription: To Love, to Work, to Play — Life in the Balance

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Are you stressed and unhappy?
Are you feeling burned out? anxious? unmotivated? Do you feel you have too much to do in too little time? You are not alone. More and more people struggle with a lack of pleasure in their daily lives and the illnesses that go along with stress. 

Take a Pleasure Prescription!
Psychologist and author Paul Pearsall is an expert on the relationship between pleasure,  stress, and the immune system. According to him, it isn't too much stress but too little joy that is killing people. "We have no time to enjoy the moments of our life," he says. "We need to counteract our 'delight deficiency' and 'toxic success syndrome' with some balanced, healthy pleasure. We need a prescription to slow down, rediscover the joy in daily living, and reconnect with people."

Combines Ancient Polynesian Wisdom with Breakthrough Scientific Research
Dr. Pearsall shows how the latest research in physical and emotional health validates the Oceanic Way—the principles and practices of ancient Polynesian cultures. The five key components of this Way are patience, connection, pleasantness, modesty, and tenderness. Dr. Pearsall gives simple tests to find areas of particular stress and unhappiness in our lives, and offers practical suggestions for dealing with our real, everyday challenges: in relationships, on the job, as parents, and in caring for our community and planet.

We know more than we think we know, Dr. Pearsall reassures us, about what is good and healthy for us. He invites us to embrace a new contentment, and his compelling lessons gleaned from science and an age-old wisdom light the way.

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