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The Spiritual Quest and the Way of Yoga: The Goal, the Journey and the Milestones

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Guidance for Your Spiritual Journey—from the Wisdom of Yoga and Vedanta

“The ultimate goal of life is to discover the divinity within ourselves and in all beings and things. This will lead us to adore our true Self, adore our fellow beings, and adore the world that is but a reflection of Reality. This reunion with the Absolute—the core of our individual being as well as of the universe—is the true meaning of yoga.”
—from chapter 13

The yoga way maintains that spiritual quest is not a matter of choice but a vital necessity for total well-being. This comprehensive guide for spiritual seekers of all faiths and backgrounds presents a roadmap to Self-knowledge, the goal of spiritual quest, and shows that reconnecting with the center of your being, your true Self, is real, tangible and attainable.

Exploring the route to spiritual fulfillment through the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta, Swami Adiswarananda outlines the meaning of spiritual quest, the nature of and the preparations necessary for the journey and the milestones you will use to chart your progress. He also draws from the sacred texts of these time-tested traditions to address the vital questions that often trouble spiritual seekers, such as:

  • Which spiritual path should I follow?
  • How can I attain liberation?
  • What are the dangers and obstacles on the spiritual path?
  • How do I control the restless mind?
  • Why are there many religions and what is the way to interfaith unity?
Format: Hardcover