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Women Living With Multiple Sclerosis: Conversations on Living, Laughing and Coping

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Walking May Be Difficult, but Together We Fly

This book is an intimate portrait drawn from the e-mail chats of a group of special women. In forming an online support network, they became friends—and then comrades—in the toughest fight of their lives, a fight against the disease they dubbed the MonSter: multiple sclerosis.
Many books about this baffling disease of the central nervous system provide only medical information. Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis goes much further. Members of the all-woman group share intimate, emotional accounts of their experiences with MS. Some stories are painful, some are funny, and often they are both. The range of deeply personal concerns includes
  • family reactions to a diagnosis of MS
  • workplace issues and relationships
  • sexuality and spirituality
  • depression and physical pain
  • loss of bladder and bowel control
  • assistive devices and helpful tools

All topics are discussed freely and frankly, in a way only the closest of friends do. Invaluable nuggets of medical information and practical advice from all of the members are woven seamlessly into the text, accompanied by Judith Lynn Nichols’ knowledgeable, compassionate, even humorous commentary.

For families and friends of those with MS, Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis is an intimate look into what it’s like to have the disease. MS sufferers reading this book will truly feel they are not alone. As one member of the group writes, “Walking may be difficult, but together we fly.” Read this book, and you will feel among friends, a member of the group—and that someone finally understands.

Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to local chapters of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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Format: Paperback