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You, Me, and Ulysses S. Grant

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A comically unorthodox “biography”

Spanning from the birth of Ulysses S. Grant until his victory over the Confederacy, You, Me, and Ulysses S. Grant gives us an honest portrait of an American hero who struggled to balance love, soldiering, and the attainment of the American Dream—all relatable struggles for readers today, if not for the soldiering part…

Taking the accessible, pop history of Coe’s You Never Forget Your First and adding more of the nerdy, punk humor of Rainn Wilson or Judd Apatow, You, Me, and Ulysses S. Grant is for both history and humor readers alike. Examining the validity of biography by hilariously breaking all the form's rules, this book removes the pomp to deliver a hopeful message of human potential: that the heroes we now venerate were also flawed, flesh and blood individuals and that we, too, are never too small to achieve great things. 

In bringing Grant to life, Brad Neely may have created his greatest cult classic yet.

Format: Hardcover